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  • Jordan Olenginski

Keeping Cool in Quarantine

This whole thing is still surreal to me. I never thought times would have come to this. I never thought I would be at home, not playing field hockey and not going to class. Personally, I feel like ever since I started college my life has been at full speed and I haven’t had much time to stop, relax, and reflect. Reflect on myself as a person and where I am in my journey. Sometimes life gets so damn busy with no yellow light in sight. While I would much rather this crisis not be happening, there are some silver linings and I think it’s important to recognize those. Life will never go the way you plan it to. You will be thrown so many curveballs and you will be tested. How are you going to respond when you are tested? Are you going to complain about the uncontrollables or are you going to make the most out of what you got? Believe me, I hate nothing more than being cooped up in my house all day. I hate it just as much as everyone. But we might as well make the most of this time, right?

My number one advice during these times to keep a solid routine. Don’t get into the habit of staying up late and sleeping half the day away. Try to get up when you normally would and be productive. My usual routine is to get up early, journal, workout, study, then relax. I have been trying to stay on that routine keeping my sleep at 8-9 hours per night and keeping my meals as clean as they are at school. The next tip I have is to NOT let the news/media consume your life. I’ll look at one update on the situation at the end of the day and that is it. It’s doing more harm than good to be sitting on your couch and watching the news in horror for hours. Another thing I recommend is to move every day. Throw on some good tunes and get moving. It doesn’t even matter what you do or for how long you do it, just move. One thing we definitely don’t want out of this situation is 20 extra pounds and more health issues than before. I recommend getting creative with your workouts to keep it fun. I have been posting at home workouts consistently along with many other accounts. Pick your poison and get after it! Another thing I recommend is to try new things. I never do yoga, but I did it this week and it kicked my butt! It was nice to mix it up and I definitely plan on doing it more. This doesn’t have to be something physical. It could be cooking a new dish, meditating, or doing something else you’ve been eager to try. Keep yourself busy! Don’t fall into the trap of mindlessly snacking and watching Netflix all day because those bad habits will be hard to break once we get back to real life. Stay true to who you are and the mission you have set for yourself. In these times of craziness are you still investing in yourself? Are you proud of how you are responding? If not, change it – you have the time ;)

-Just a Sprinkle of Jordan

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