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Meet Daniela Guzman 

What made you want to work with me in the first place? What did you want to change about your health?

I wanted to work with Jordan because I was struggling with my nutrition. Also, I was training a lot but I wasn't improving in my performance. It felt like I was hitting a wall in everything health related, and I needed guidance. 

What changes have you noticed since we started working together?

The biggest change for me is related to my mental health. It has improved so much and it has impacted all other aspects of my life. I've been working with Jordan for over a year and a huge part has been focused on rest and stress management. I was over training and wasn't sleeping enough, combined with inconsistent nutrition made my PCOS symptoms (hormonal imbalance, fatigue, weight gain, acne, mood swings, etc.) harder to manage. So when we started working together she initially suggested to take one extra day off from training and to sleep more hours and honestly seemed weird since she's a nutrition coach, but it made a huge impact on my physical and mental health. It made me realize I didn't know how good my body and mind could feel. 

On the other hand, I've lost weight and my performance in the gym has improved a lot. I ran a 5k in 27 minutes, hit a 200 lb back squat PR, I was able to flip a 650 lb tire, and the list goes on. 

What are you most proud of? What has been most challenging about this journey?

I'm proud of the mindset change I've accomplished with Jordan's help. I've learned to strive for balance, not for perfection. As a result, most of the time I'm able to enjoy my choices, without regret or judgement. That being said, it has been the hardest part too. It takes a lot to accept that it's a process where I'm going to have mediocre and terrible days, but I won't lose all the progress that I've made and it doesn't take away from what I've learned. 

What have you learned most about yourself during our time together? How has it changed the way you live your life?

Consistency! That's the most important change in my life. Before working with Jordan, I would have cycles of 2-3 months where I would train and eat very well, and then 1-2 months of "letting loose". I would keep working out but my nutrition would go bad, and then I would go back to being very strict. Now, I can say that it has been 1 full year where I've been the most consistent on my nutrition, thinking about it as nourishing my body and not a diet. 

How would you describe my style of coaching? What type of person would you recommend my coaching to?

Jordan is a very kind person and I've never felt judged or criticized. Even when I could have done better she highlights the good stuff and gives input for me to work on to do better the following week. I would recommend Jordan to everyone! If you need guidance and accountability, she's the best!

I am so proud of you Dani! Keep up the incredible work!

Interested in my coaching? DM me on Instagram @wholisticnutritionbyjordan

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