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Wholistic Nutrition by Jordan

I believe in simplifying nutrition. Not only because it's easier to understand, but also because it works. There's a caveat to that must be practicing simple nutrition consistently to see results. To help people achieve this, I believe a wholistic approach is the answer. Meaning, I understand nutrition is not the only contributor to your health and wellbeing. I care about all aspects of you: your mind, spirit, relationships, stress, sleep, environment, and so much more! The other part of the wholistic approach is focusing on eating mostly whole, unprocessed foods in the right quantities, while enjoying your favorite treats in moderation. If you commit to this simple yet powerful protocol, you will soon realize this is the answer to sustainable lifestyle change. 


Mission and Vision

Many of the chronic diseases we see today are at least partially preventable by implementing healthy lifestyle choices. I strive to make some small impact in the world in terms of preventing chronic disease. I also strive to help others determine their deeper 'why' for wanting to be healthier and how to use that 'why' to conquer their health, fitness, and life goals.  


I envision a healthier and happier future guided by simple, foundational nutrition principles. I picture a future with less chronic disease, and more lives being enjoyed for a longer time because of the sustainable lifestyle habits ingrained into daily routines.

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